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The Storefront Accelerator

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Curiosity, gratitude and the willingness to learn new ways of doing business are sure factors of success. Especially now, when the challenges that small businesses face are great:

This may not be for you, but if you own a Small business, you need to figure out a way to keep your doors open. Main Streets, Downtowns, BIDs and other local organizations are scrambling to find a way to keep their businesses running. Academics ask why and politicians think throwing money will help.

Only becoming a better version of itself will help your business navigate these times. And here are the tools to help you do just that.

We are entering an unprecedented age in which the normal functioning of small businesses’ physical storefronts could be disrupted at any time.

The good news is that small businesses have the ability and agility to seek opportunities, rethink design, product and offer, and become better versions of themselves on the face of adversity.

To capitalize on this incredible opportunity I have developed the Storefront Accelerator as an easy way to implement new ideas to help small business owners create epic in-store experiences, create new services for the products they already sell and offer new products packaging services they already provide.

All with the aim of keeping customers coming through the door and the cash register ringing, as it did for Edna and Berekti.

I have simplified the complicated, overwhelming, expensive and lengthy process of reassessing your position and translating your vision into design, product and experience, and packaged it all in a simple package that any small business owner can implement without help.

I will coach you for one hour as you present your ideas and problems you want to solve and we will find a great way to use your own knowledge about your business to take care of those issues and bring more foot traffic through your door.

Much of the process of creating a new business is learning about the market, the industry and developing skills and strengths that help owners manage and grow their companies. Small business owners are in a unique spot: they know more than any designer ever will about their trade. 

All they need is the appropriate toolkit to translate their wisdom into a successful offer that attracts more visitors and paying customers.

After working with many small business owners who have tremendous passion for what they do and find delight in serving their customers, I found that a big challenge is to translate all that passion and will into a successful store design or creative new product offerings that engage, attract and become assets that help improve sales and revenue.

Maybe this is not for you, but if you are willing to take control of your store’s design, the Storefront Accelerator program will walk you through an understanding of the elements of a successful storefront, a practical translation of your original idea into the store design and a guide to develop your brand, your store design and your product offer.

You will get the three ebooks I use in my Storefront Accelerator consults: The Ten No-B. S. Rules For Successful Storefront Design (2021), The Storefront Mastery Playbook (2021) and How To Choose The Perfect Sign (2020), plus a one-hour Zoom consult directly with me and a follow up to answer any pending questions.

Or you can just purchase the e-books individually from the links above without having to hear me talk for an hour.

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You will get a remote coaching session to find your small business superpower, and the three e-books that will help you create your own spectacular, epic, moneymaking store design.

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The Storefront Accelerator

0 ratings
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