How To Choose The Perfect Sign

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The sign identifies your storefront. It shows your brand and tells people what you are about. Choose wisely and it will become an asset and send a clear message.

On the other hand, choose poorly and it will be a waste of resources and a lost opportunity.

Signs vary in their design, the information they carry, their size and shape, but they always carry a message, even if that is a message of neglect and poor design.

In this new guidebook from Storefront Mastery, the design of signs is broken up into each piece so that it can be easily understood and you can make the perfect choice while selecting the sign for your storefront.

In the guidebook you will learn:

  • What is a brand
  • What is and how to design your logo
  • How to pick the perfect font for your brand
  • How to pick a sign that reflects your values and business

This is the first in a series of shorter guidebooks from Storefront Mastery, that focus on specific aspects of the design of your store. 

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How To Choose The Perfect Sign

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