Small Business Accelerator Program

Jaime J. Izurieta
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Thanks for making it all the way here. This is the start of our journey to unlock your business potential by creating an epic storefront.

I have developed the three-step Storefront Mastery system to help small businesses go from their original idea to a finished and implemented design on their own, using the skills and strengths that they have acquired in the process of creating and building up their company. 

The aim of the system is to be simple and easy to implement so any business owner can do it. However, if you are here it means you are willing to get me on board to walk you through the process and make sure your storefront is successful and attracts more customers and visitors.

When you book the Small Business Accelerator Program you will get:

One meeting (may be remote) to discuss how your passion and motivation to open your business will translate into the design of your store.

A three-part workshop (also, may be remote) to unlock your ideas and translate them into a strong concept, a mood board and a design for your storefront.

Follow-up questions and help to measure the success of your design and make necessary improvements.

A detailed report with an assessment of current conditions, design or product recommendations, and precedents to support the recommendations.

Why would you want this?

  • Small, independent, local business owners can unlock the power of their ideas to create epic, successful storefronts that make money for them even while they sleep.

  • Cities, city agencies and local organizations benefit from harnessing the Placemaking power of small businesses and integrating their actions to revitalize the local economy. Special price available if bought in bulk for several small businesses.

  • Small Developers benefit from the planning wisdom of thinking about design guidelines that will make their ground floor rentable spaces more attractive for visitors and paying customers.

  • Complete guided workshop to accelerate your small business through good design.

  • Complete guided workshop to accelerate your small business through good design.
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Small Business Accelerator Program

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